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Have you got the right virus protection for your computer?

Having virus protection on your computer is one thing but making sure you are up to date on your virus definitions is crtical.

With the increase of internet connections worldwide, the spread of new virus and spyware infections has soared. Recent figures show a shocking 1300 percent in 2010, something that will definately rise during 2011.

The figures also note that most of the new trojans and spyware created in 2010 were given a medium to critical security rating, meaning that many of them were capable of identity theft and privacy compromise. Viruses and spyware take many forms and you can get them just by visiting the wrong website or opening an e-mail in Outlook.

While viruses can be merely an inconvenience, slowing your computer or disabling your internet connection, some can be devastating, deleting files and even damaging hardware. Spyware is most noticeable in its obvious forms: slowing down your computer with popups, installing search bars in Internet Explorer, and hijacking your home page.

But it also possesses the much more sinister capability of harvesting your personal information - including your credit card numbers, SSN, and online banking logon - and using it for identity theft or fraud. What many people don't realize is that most antivirus software does nothing to prevent you from getting spyware. Another common misconception is that if you're running antivirus software, you're fully protected.

This does not take into account that many people are running outdated virus definition files, which is like assuming that a flu shot from 2 years ago will protect you against this year's newest variant.

Most antivirus software operates on a subscription based update service which stops functioning when your license expires, leaving you unprotected from the newest threats (most new Dell PCs for instance come with just a 3 month subscription to McAfee's Internet Security Suite, after which you must buy a license to continue receiving upgrades).

The good news is that there are many excellent antivirus and antispyware programs available for the home user, as well as economical options for businesses and individuals who want comprehensive protection.

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